How i fix Hot Toys Ironman Mk3 pink armor.

Just to share with other how i fix Hot Toys Ironman Mk3 pink armor. Its quiet serious on the fading armor for this Hot Toys collection. Can see the abdomen, neck, crotch armor and even hand are in pink color. Most serious and visible is the abdomen and crotch armor, the hand and neck still bearable.

I just spray Gaianote clear red on the knuckle, the fading is not that serious, so couple of layer of clear red will tone it back. The battle damage paint with paint brush, i using citadel boltgun metal and vallejo dark grey for the battle damages.

As for the neck, crotch and abdomen. I paint it with steps as shown below. Its the same method as Ironman Mk6, my previous post.

1. Silver paints.

2.Mist coat of gaianote clear red. (2 layers to make sure its evenly cover the whole abdomen)

3.Wet coat (1-2 layers make sure its glossy and look wet)

4.Wet coat (1-2 layers to make the red darker, which closer to hot toys factory painted metallic red)

Here’s another photo to show the before n after.

Another post i created to show better method to reduce the cracking,