How i fix Ironman Mk 6 pink panties.

Got couple of requests on fixing ironman pink panties. Here i show how i fix the ironman mk 6 pink panties.

I using air brush methods, so only recommend to those who got air brushing tools.

The crotch armor of ironman mk 6 is made out of soft rubber, and its the only parts which faded. First of all, i will remove the faded paints. The thinner i using is Hobby Thinner which is locally made by a hobby shop – Hobby HQ which only sell in the shop, other brand of thinner such as Mr. Hobby, Gaianote even nail polish remover can be use to remove the paints.

Once remove the red paints, can notice that there’s a silver layer underneath. Seem like Hot Toys is painting with candy method.

After remove the paints the original color of the rubber is close to the figure itself, but it lack of ‘metallic’ feel to it, ironman without the ‘metallic’, hahaha just kidding.

Here’s the 4 steps i done to get back the metallic red. With 30 minutes interval of each steps.

1. Silver as base. (not need gloss black, because that will over shine the factory painted metallic red)

2. 2 layers of mist coat (using gaianote no.041 clear red)

3. 2 layers of wet coat.

4. another 2 layers of wet coat.

No need to top coat, because the top coat is make out of harder material which will crack once bend the rubber.

Here’s the comparison of the progress.

Hope it help and happy repainting. 🙂
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