Hot Toys Iron man faded armor.

I got quiet a few requests on repaint and restore the color of the armor on Hot Toys Iron man. Its a very common defects, which only appear after some times.

Here is a Iron man Mk. III i receive today, almost the whole abdomen armor are faded and turn into pink.

The whole abdomen armor are make out of rubber which is flexible, only HT iron man mkIII abdomen is make out of rubber other series are only at the crotch armor, and will turn into pink panties over time. >_< Something i find it kinda disappointing, although i not HT collector but its a quiet pricey collection, so they better think a way to resolve the problem.

Beside ironman mk III, i got another mk VI with me, need to work on both of the armor soon and will put up the steps i went through to restore the color and tones. Stay tuned.